Co-Location Services

Internet and Network Colocation Services

Establishing and maintaining a secure, reliable online/web environment can be burdensome and costly. With Open Integration’s Colocation Services, we remove this burden.Colocation is one of the most effective methods to ensure continuous operation of your web or globally linked IT environment.

Our colocation services provide the level of customization required to meet companies’ unique and growing e-business needs.Our scalable options allow Open Integration’s facilities to become a flexible, secure and reliable extension of companies’ IT infrastructures.

We can provide IT management, quality technology, and peace of mind for e-business. We work with you to choose the best solution to meet your current and future needs.

Open Integration provides the facilities where companies can outsource the management and day-to-day operations of Web sites or other IP connected applications. You can purchase server hardware, rack-space, bandwidth and network equipment. In addition, you get a secure place to physically house your equipment- a secured cage, cabinet or room with regulated power and dedicated infrastructure, maintenance, and security.


  • Includes security surveillance system on the premises with 24/7 monitoring
  • IP/Video cameras throughout our facility (for external viewing
  • Controlled and logged entrance/exit


  • Fire detection and early warning system, non-toxic, non-water based fire suppression units
  • Electrical power: A fully redundant circuited system
  • Emergency Diesel Generator (75KVA)
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems: Redundant Air conditioning; water detection; and humidity control.

Staffing and Managed Services

Technical staff is available 24/7 allowing authorized personnel access to their servers at all times. A key component of the Open Integration’s Colocation Services that sets us apart from the competition is our extensive and growing suite of productivity enhancing Managed Services. Companies can have peace of mind knowing their business critical applications are secure and maintaining the highest level of performance and availability.

Network Availability Monitoring

Verifies that your systems are available and notifies a technician if a system is not available.

Data Backup & Recovery
Your company’s most critical asset is its data. Open Integration’s Backup and Recovery Service offers your business a fully managed data protection system where your data is always secure.

We provide around the clock support, with our Network operations staff monitoring the network and the server infrastructure, backed up by a team of administrators dedicated to our Colocation Services support.