Computer Support Services

Computer Support Services are offered to corporate and individual clients by Open Integration to nurture the growing demands of today’s intricate personal computer environments.

Maintenance must be a priority on software and hardware systems and subsystems as these components represent the core of user activity within an information system. These components should remain reliable and robust to ensure all information deliverables meet requirements and expectations.
Open Integration recommends strict guidelines in the maintenance of software and hardware components to ensure the longevity, functionality and viability of systems. Both Software and Hardware maintenance contracts are offered on a quarterly, biannual, or annual basis.

Installation of New Equipment
Experienced technicians will install new equipment, load software, test and connect all peripheral devices.

Equipment Repair
When your personal computer, printer or other peripheral fails, our technicians can resolve your problem quick and efficiently.

Backup and Disaster Recovery
Open Integration will help you avoid untimely hard disk and component failures through properly documented backup procedures and the installation of backup equipment.

Application Software Installation
Open Integration’s technicians are familiar with the installation of Microsoft Windows (all versions), Apple Mac OS x, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, and all the popular software packages.

PC Workstation Upgrades
We have qualified personnel to install processor, memory and disk drive upgrades on your existing PC’s and workstations; allowing full compliance with manufactures’ latest revision requirements.

Adds, Moves and Changes
If you are relocating or renovating your offices, our staff can assist you in disassembling and setting up your equipment.