Network Support Services

Open Integration’s Network Support Services are offered to corporate clients to provide related services for the growing demands of today’s complex local and enterprise-wide networks.

Network Support Services offer clients the flexibility to choose from a variety of LAN and WAN services to support any computing environment.

Installation of New Equipment
Experienced technicians will install new equipment, load software, test and connect all peripheral devices.

Consulting and Network Design
Open Integration has certified LAN/WAN consultants to advise you on the best connectivity solution for your company. We will evaluate your LAN/WAN requirements in all phases of the project, from cabling design and installation to long-term system planning.

Network Implementation
Our network engineers implement custom networks based on industry standard methodologies. From file server configuration to sign on screens at the nodes, each installation is done to customer specifications. Certified in LAN/WAN network operating systems, Open Integration is uniquely qualified to work on enterprise wide networks with multiple operating platforms. Open Integration provides services in integrating, configuring and testing components of the file server, network operating system, intelligent concentrators and all other infrastructure components.

Project Management
A project manager can be assigned to your corporation whose sole responsibility is to coordinate, schedule and document your company’s project from inception to conclusion.

As part of a total solution offered to our clients, Open Integration can install, test and/or supervise cable installations. Cable types offered are UTP, STP, and Fiber to provide a robust selection of cable classifications available on the market today.

Network training is available to network administrators and end users on all aspects of network utilization. Emphasis is placed on creating and maintaining proper network procedures for security, backup, software distribution and network management.

Complete LAN Connectivity
Open Integration will facilitate LAN to LAN, WAN, mainframe communication, bridges, routers, gateways and other proven communications solutions.

Backup and Disaster Recovery
Open Integration can provide preventive measures to help avoid server malfunctions through proper Disaster Recovery documentation and selected fault tolerant software and hardware procedures.